The Foundation collaborates with prestigious research centres throughout Spain with the goal of promoting translational oncological research. Fero Foundation provides support in the form of funds to finance oncological research projects, as well as attracting talent by supporting laboratories and acquiring new equipment in order to develop high level scientific work.

If you wish to become part of our network of collaborating centres, please contact us to obtain more information.


Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology

This biomedical research centre hosts scientists and physicians who work together in order to connect basic science with clinical research. Its main aim is to promote and develop excellence in research related to oncological disease.

National Oncological Research Centre

A Spanish public institution dedicated to cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. It collaborates with the clinical community through programs linked to hospitals within the national healthcare system.

Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation

This institution is comprised by academic research groups from five different entities. Its goal is to become a leading centre in international biomedical research focused on the paediatric age, but also to develop global human work.

Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute

Its cancer research program seeks to improve disease prevention and diagnosis, as well as increasing the healing rates and quality of life of patients.

Healthcare Research Institute of Aragon

Its mission is to facilitate effective innovation in healthcare services by generating knowledge through research and translating it to care applications.

Seville Biomedicine Institute

A centre for multidisciplinary biomedical research dedicated to the causes of the most prevalent pathologies among the general population and the development of new diagnosis and treatment methods.


Catalonia Bioengineering Institute

This centre of excellence conducts interdisciplinary research at the crossroads between engineering and life sciences in order to generate new knowledge by integrating fields such as nanomedicine, biophysics, biotechnology, tissue engineering and the application of information technology to healthcare.

Ramón y Cajal University Hospital

The Hospital has a research department, experimental surgery unit and research laboratories which conduct basic, clinical and epidemiological biomedical and healthcare research activities.