Privacy Policy

Personal information provided voluntarily through the use of the website of Fundació d’Estudis i Recerca Oncològica (FERO) and its subdomains will be treated by Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO), located in Sardenya Street 229-237 sobreático 3º, Barcelona, 08013, CIF: G62663661 and its Data Protection Manager, who can be contacted through,, as holder of the Internet domain and responsible for personal information treatment for the following specific purposes:

Managing possible questions, complaints, incidences and claims by users. To this end, the person responsible will treat the data as required to respond to user requests. This includes treatment of data such as First and Last Name, e-mail, telephone, address, postcode, and whether the user is a member of Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) or not.

If necessary, Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) will communicate the user’s information to collaborating third parties for a correct response to the user’s information request (as in the case of requests related to products and services provided by such third-parties).

IT control of the website. To this end, Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) will conduct any necessary monitoring and control actions regarding the use of the website and its subdomains in order to prevent and detect any fraudulent use (such as technical manipulations, code alterations, etc.). This treatment is necessary to comply with legal obligations set out by the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, whose purpose is to prevent and/or detect any unauthorised access, alteration or loss of information related to third parties other than the user which could generate civil, penal and/or administrative responsibilities for Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO).

In case Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) needs to obtain your consent, it will request authorisation and indicate its specific purpose through specific online forms or other physical formats.

The following section on the treatment of personal information provides users with more detailed information about Data Protection (person responsible for the treatment, purpose, legitimisation, recipients of information and how users may, at any time, exercise their rights over the treatment of their information).


Who is Responsible for the treatment of your information?

Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO)
C/ Sardenya 229-237, Sobreático 3ro
Barcelona 08013
T. +34 93 270 04 38
Contact the Data Protection Manager:

With what purpose and legitimisation, do we treat your personal information?

The main cases when we treat personal information are the following:

When users provide their personal information through the various forms in order to make donations, collaborate with the Foundation or submit a candidature for a FERO grant. To this end, the information may be treated until the user communicates their express will to be removed from the archives of Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO).

When users provide personal information through various forms to make a donation, in order to manage user donations.

When users provide their personal information through various contact forms, in order to respond to requests for information by users.

In order to establish a collaboration with the user that makes it possible to fulfil our funding objectives. To this end, we treat the information of our partners, donors and interested parties for the following activities:

Sending information about Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) and its activities through communications via telephone, post, SMS, email or instant messaging.

Maintaining communication in order to monitor the level of satisfaction of our members and donors, in order to optimise the means of communication and maintain a close relationship with them.

Responding to and managing inquiries from donors, collaborators and interested parties.

Requesting support through donations, fee increases and other kinds of contributions (signature campaigns, etc.), as well as manging the collection of those contributions.

Sending invitations to events organised by Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO).

Sending an annual tax donation certificate by post and/or email.

Based on the information provided directly by each member, donor or interested party, which is publicly available or has been made public, we may elaborate profiles to enable a better management of the mentioned activities. The elaboration of these profiles is not employed, in any case, to make automated decisions with legal effects, or of any other nature, which may affect individuals; all of our decision-making processes are carried out through human intervention.

You may decline to receive this kind of communications, at this time or any moment in the future, by sending an email to our Data Protection Manager, or submitting a request to our postal address, care of the Data Protection Manager.

What kind of personal information will be treated?

Based on your consent, Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) may treat the following personal information:

Personal information: First and Last Name, National Identity Number, telephone, postal address, email, etc.

Social information: date of birth, gender, nationality, family data, primary language, permissions and authorisations, interests, etc.

Economic and banking information: bank account, credit or debit card number, tax data, financial status, etc.

Other information: any other personal data which users provide to Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) through the forms presented by the website of and its subdomains.

Donations through web portals

Users may make donations through different web portals maintained by Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO). These donations will be used to support cancer research projects identified by Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO). Throughout the donation process, Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) will obtain personal information about users who decide to make a donation when:

The user freely decides to include their personal information (First and Last Name, Address, Post Code, National Identity Number, email and fixed and/or mobile telephone number).

When the amount of the donation is equal to or over 100 euros (as per Article 42 of Royal Decree 304/2014, approving the Regulation of Law 10/2010, from 28th April, on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism) and in compliance with the aforementioned rules, personal data included in the documents or registries which certify the application of funds to the various projects will be kept for a period of ten years.

When users request a donation tax certificate.

Personal information of minors.

The treatment of personal information of individuals under 14 years of age will require the authorisation of their parents, tutors or custodians.

Therefore, when a minor participates in an event organised by Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO), its collaborators or partners, it will be necessary to provide information that identifies the parents, tutors or custodians with the purpose of collecting their required express consent. Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) may require documentation to determine the relationship or custody over the minor.

Who will be the recipients of the information?

Your data may be transmitted to the following third parties, and for the reasons explained below:

Public Administrations: in case there is regulation requiring it.

Third parties linked to payments of donations and fees: whenever it is necessary to fulfil the obligations arising from campaigns, activities and initiatives in which the user participates voluntarily (for example, financial institutions and payment system providers).

Providers: entities requiring access to your information in order to provide services required by Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO), as well as confidentiality and personal data treatment agreements necessary and required by current legislation in order to protect your privacy (e.g., agencies, publishers, telemarketing companies, etc.).

You will be informed if Fundació d’Estudis i recerca Oncològica (FERO) were to carry out other transmissions of personal data in the future.

What are your rights when you provide your personal information?

General confirmation: any individual has the right to confirm the data collected by Fundació d’Estudis i Recerca Oncològica (FERO) and the treatment thereof it conducts.

ARCO rights: interested individuals have the right to access their personal data, as well as to request a rectification of inexact information or, if applicable, request their deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected.

Limitation of treatment: under certain circumstances, interested parties may request a limitation of the treatment of their data, in which case they will only be stored for the purpose of dealing with requests.

Opposition to treatment: under certain circumstances and for reasons related to a particular situation, interested parties may oppose treatment of their data. In such case, Fundació d’Estudis i Recerca Oncològica (FERO) will cease to treat their data, except for legitimate reasons, or in order to respond to or process possible complaints.

Portability of data: under certain circumstances and for reasons related to a particular situation, interested parties may request to receive their personal data in a contact form, a commonly-used, structured format, legible by machines, as well as transmitting those data to another treatment manager without impediment.

Security of Data

We have applied adequate security measures to prevent the accidental loss of your personal data, their publication or exposure to unauthorised modification, use or access. In addition, access to your personal data is limited to employees, agents, contractors and third parties who need to know them in order to fulfil their contractual obligations. These individuals/entities, who are subject to applicable confidentiality agreements, will only treat your personal data according to our instructions.

We have implemented management procedures in case of possible leaks of personal data and commit to inform both individual users and the corresponding regulators of any data leak as per the applicable legislation.