Tax benefits

For private individuals resident in Spain

Donations to entities included in Law 49/2002 –such as FERO Foundation– are fully deductible from tax returns, as long as the amount is below 10% of the tax base, the result of applying the following scale to the total donations:

1) Up to €150, the deduction percentage is 75%.

2) For the rest, the deduction percentage is 30%.

However, if there had been donations to FERO Foundation within the two tax years immediately prior, for an equal or higher amount in each of them, the deduction percentage to be applied on the donation exceeding €150 would be 35%.

FERO Foundation will issue you with a certificate in order to benefit from these deductions. We will need your ID and current personal information (name and address) in order to issue the certificate.

For businesses located in Spain

In general, entities subject to Corporate Tax which make a donation to FERO, as covered by Law 49/2002, will have the right to a full deduction at 35% of the deduction base of the donation.

The base of this deduction may not exceed 10% of the tax base for that tax year. Amounts exceeding this limit may be applied in tax years ending in the immediate and successive ten years.

This 35% percentage may rise to 40% if in the two immediately prior tax years there had been donations or contributions with a right to deductions in favour of the same entity for an amount equal or above, to that of the previous tax year.

In order to benefit from these deductions, FERO will issue a certificate detailing the donation, to be included in the Corporate Tax self-declaration. In order to issue the certificate, it is essential that you provide your company Tax ID and other current information.

Obtaining a tax certificate

If you wish to receive a tax certificate, you must fill in your information in the corresponding Request Form and attach a copy of the bank transfer confirmation.