Personal estates

When drafting your testament, it is possible to donate part of your estate, or else a specific amount (bequest), to a non-profit entity such as Fero Foundation. In order to name the Foundation in your testament, you must name it a beneficiary or joint beneficiary or else as legatee of a specific bequest, always complying with current legislation.

In case you decide to include the Foundation among your beneficiaries, this is the information you will require:

     Fero Foundation
     Calle Sardenya 229-237 sobreático 3º
     Barcelona 08013

I Including the Foundation in your testament is a way of keeping alive the personal will to fight against cancer and to contribute to a cancer-free world for our loved ones. If you change your mind, the testament can be modified with no commitment.

Those interested in including the Foundation in their testament may contact the team for more information.

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