FERO Foundation

FERO Foundation is a private entity dedicated to oncological research. The project focuses on translational research, which is the transmission of results obtained through basic research to clinical applications. The integration of both areas enables development times for new drugs to be shortened and helps patients to benefit sooner from scientific advances against cancer.

We are pioneers in the promotion of translational research in Spain
Our activity focuses on promoting and financing cancer research
We support tangible projects that benefit patients directly
We collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of specialists who guarantee excellence
We support research talent in the field of oncology

About translational research

Translational research accelerates cancer treatments, so that scientific advances can reach patients in the shortest time possible.

Research Projects

The foundation supports oncological translational research projects driven by national research centres of excellence.

Fero Grants

Each year, the Foundation offers multiple grants for Translational Oncological Research. These €80,000 grants are open to researchers working on oncology projects at Spanish centres.

Fero Events

Hundreds of guests attend the two annual fundraising gala dinners organised by the Foundation.