Your support is vital to the fight against cancer



Fero Foundation patronage is comprised by thirteen personalities from the fields of science, business and culture, with a shared awareness of cancer’s impact on our society and believe in the need to increase the resources destined to oncological research.

This body is in charge of managing and monitoring the Foundation, as well as ensuring the founding objectives are met. Their work and involvement facilitate the institution’s operation and provide trust for members and contributors.

President of Honour
José Baselga Torres

Sol Daurella Comadrán

Vice Presidents
Luis Cantarell Rocamora
Curra Orozco Serrano

M. Ángels Campderrós Salvans
José Creuheras Margenat
Eusebio Díaz-Morera Puig-Sureda
Ramon Hermosilla Gimeno
Maria Macaya López-Mancisidor
M. Ángels Miquel Vilanova
Marian Puig Guasch
Macarena Sainz de Vicuña Primo de Rivera
Mireia Tomàs Carulla
Juan Pablo Tornos Mas (Patrono fundador y secretario)
Carmen Valle Mingorance

Sponsor Council
Fernando Aleu Roda
Josep Esteve Soler †
Marisa Falcó Couchoud, Condesa de Godó
Marian Puig Planas
María Reig Moles
Artur Suqué Puig
Leopoldo Rodés Castané †