11th Fero Research Grant and fundraising gala dinner

On Monday, November 21, Dr. Josep Baselga presented the 11th Fero Research Grant to Dr. Héctor Peinado, at The Westin Palace Hotel (Madrid), in front of 500 guests.
The awards ceremony took place during a fundraising gala dinner. Dr. Josep Baselga (Founder and President of Fero Foundation) dealt with important issues on the current state of cancer and its progress, with the projection of two videos.
The Grant competition aimed at young non-consecrated researchers working in the national territory, who presented projects for translational oncology research, had a winning project endowed with a research grant of 70,000 euros.

The winning project

The jury of the 11th edition of the Fero Research Grant, presided over by Dr. Andrés Cervantes, decided to award this recognition to Dr. Peinado for his "pioneering contribution", which aims to identify new biomarkers in order to predict the immunosuppressive action of the tumour, something essential to determine the correct therapeutic approach for each patient.

Currently, more than 90% of cancer-related deaths occur due to metastasis. In 2012, Dr. Peinado discovered how tumour cells release millions of exosomes into the surrounding microenvironment to educate and thus favour the metastatic process. His project is specifically aimed at the nano-plasmatic detection of exosomes to predict the response to immunotherapy in breast cancer and melanoma patients who have developed metastases.