10th Fero Research Grant and fundraising gala dinner

Dr. Beatriz Morancho, winner of the 10th Fero Research Grant

Project by Beatriz Morancho

Dr. Beatriz Morancho has been awarded the 10th Edition of the Fero Research Grant for her valuable project "New immunotherapies to treat colorectal and breast cancer".

In her own words, the immune system is essential to suppress the early stages of tumour progression. However, in these phases some tumour cells are able to escape the immune system, either by inducing an immunosuppressive environment or avoiding being detected by it. Currently, therapies aimed at re-establishing the immune system's activity on these tumour cells have been approved and are very successful, and there are many other immunotherapies being developed. Among them, the so-called "bispecific antibodies", which are able to attract the immune system to tumours and cause their death.